Wyze Cam Pan Review

Wyze Cam Pan Review

The Wyze Labs Wyze Cam Pan is a 1080p (1080p) pan / tilt / zoom (PTZ) model that provides 360 ° horizontal viewing and 93 ° vertical viewing, all in Full HD picture quality. It gives you complete control over what you want to see inside your home when you need to see it. It has everything you would expect to find in a modern smart camera with great value.

Clear pictures and many options
These features include 1080p resolution, night vision, local and short recording, motion detection zones, smart alerts and two-way audio. It also features a motion tracking feature that lets the camera monitor moving objects around the room. She also works with Alexa, so if you want to see the front door, ask Alexa and this camera will show you the door. The same applies to your child’s room, dining room or anywhere else you have the Wyze Cam. So what we have here is a smart security camera selection with some killer features.

Free Cloud and SD storage
Great honour
Tons of features

Poor sound quality
Audio notifications are not very smart

Other features include 110 ° per second rotation speed, 360 ° horizontal view, 93 ° vertical view, Pan Scan with 4 customized crossing points, 14-day cloud storage, continuous recording and more. We’ve seen our share of more expensive choices that do not have half of these features, so that’s a big deal. You get a lot for your money.

The motion tag is another interesting feature that emphasizes motion in both live streams and playback modes. There is also smart audio recognition that allows the Wyze Cam Pan to recognize the unique sounds of the smoke alarms and CO screens to alert you to emergency situations. She is not smart enough.

You can expect very clear and sharp images in virtually all modes and these images are superior to the highest price options currently on the market. Sound is another matter entirely. Like most smart cameras, the emphasis is on images. The built-in microphone will detect and record sound OK but playback of the sound you hear may sound bad enough. The speaker works well for its main uses, however, which are as an intercom or to deliver warnings to intruders.

Wyze Cam Pan Review
So many possibilities!

You can not go wrong with this camera

Wyze Cam Pan is an amazing value with a simple user interface, free cloud and local SD recording and tons of features. This is why it leaves the competitors in the dust. You can not really go wrong with this honor. It’s the best PTZ camera out there. It is a great addition to a home security system or unbelievable in itself.

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