VTech IS7121-2 Audio/Video Doorbell Review

VTech IS7121-2 Audio/Video Doorbell Review

Home security has become a big issue now that there are mobile devices, but the majority of these video products work inside the home. This can be nice if you only care who is already in, but what about someone on the terrace or knocking on the front door – what do you do then? Not much if you have a mobile device, but a lot if you have VTech IS7121-2 Audio / Video Doorbell. This is because it is not only associated with whoever exists there, no matter where you are, but it also provides two forms of visual confirmation so you do not have to rely on someone who says “UPS” or “Mailman”. gives you a fully functional fixed call center / answering machine.
The audio / video bell consists of three parts: a video cassette that goes out, a stand and two cordless phones (plus a charging cradle) that are charged when not in use. If it breaks even further, the camcorder unit has buttons that ring on the phones, each with a 1.8-inch LCD screen. If the preset is set, the up button will display a still image of who pushed the button – day or night from turning on the night vision of the camera – while a voice will announce the caller with the name the subscriber caller ID is valid ). There is also the ability to stream video once logged in – limited in time, but large enough to see who it is. Memory lasts up to the last 100 photos, so if someone appears and then leaves when you are not, you know who he is. But if you do not press the button, nothing happens – there are no motion detection functions. VTech IS7121-2 Audio: Bell video headsets

The built-in wireless system means that your home network (if any) is not involved. Meanwhile, the base station also routes regular phone calls to the handset via a fixed telephone connection (ie, It’s a phone). In fact, let’s get a little more from the base / phone before we get to “good”.

What makes Audio / Video Doorbell better with regular phone calls is to transmit them to handhelds for 60+ feet (I checked this) and improve calls using balancing and other digital enhancements (VTech calls HD Audio). You can also talk between the two devices – Push to Talk – which is a good way to get the equivalent of a mini-intercom system. The base unit also has a digital answering machine that works as expected. you can record an outgoing message and access calls when you are away. Installing the base unit for phone use consists of a few wired connections (for the phone, for power) and following the instructions by running the menu of a headset in the base unit.



The physical setup of the audio / video bell is simple, but it may be a bit sticky about the door / camera module. The batteries inside will turn on the bell and provide limited video transmission time – so it’s best to use an AC power plug. This means either accessing an existing wiring (best done by an electrician as we are talking about a possible shock) or running a hole through the door or assembly unit to access an internal power supply. For the test, AC was fed and the unit was placed on a door using temporary means.

The camera angle can be set at the back of the unit, while the wide angle lens creates relaxation. Through the video stream, you can set the location. But what needs to be taken into consideration is that any backlighting will negatively affect the lens image. Of course this has no effect when used in the dark, since there are some infrared LEDs that provide night vision capabilities (black and white only).

I had my wife go to the balcony with a headset (50+ feet away from the front door) while I went out and pushed the buzzer. We had a brief conversation (the microphone can be turned on / off at will), and when I came back I showed the captured image and was now stored in memory.

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