The Snowball Blaster Pro Will Make You King Of Snowball Fights

The Snowball Blaster Pro Will Make You King Of Snowball Fights

The winter is coming and with the winter comes the joy of filling the snow in a sphere and hanging those who are supposed to love more in the face with it. Just as all your favorite friendships, however, are 100% OK to cheat, provided you do not put a rock in the middle of an avalanche or something. However, this avalanche launcher may be exaggerated.

You do not even have to create your own snowball. just fill the chamber and push the lid and create three softball snowballs for the enjoyment of the fire. We could not use wet snow on this thing that could potentially injure someone, so plan accordingly.

The fire extinguisher itself operates with sling principles. pull back the tire and let fly and how long you pull pulling dictates how far or how difficult the person is in the empty spot, your supposed loved one will get an avalanche. On the bright side, lack of battery operation means you can shoot snowballs to people who are not willing to pay $ 35 for an avalanche cannon in your heart’s content. Maybe there is a lesson for capitalism there? Nah.

Snowball Blaster Pro isolated

Now, far from us to tell you that a 35-dollar cannon canon is worth the honor to bring your friends to the area. Instead, we will just point out that this is, by far, the most logical absurdity element Hammacher Schlemmer sells, and that there is always a guy who has a snowball fight. If you know this guy and you are sick of him, this can be a useful investment. If you are this guy, you can stop being this guy before you get an avalanche on the 80-foot face.

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