The Davek Alert Is An Umbrella You Can’t Lose

The Davek Alert Is An Umbrella You Can’t Lose

It’s winter, and for many of us, that means having an umbrella always handy. Especially as winter turns in the spring, it will be important to have your umbrella handy, but it’s also painfully easy to miss. You could of course try to remember it and always keep it on hand, but if you know it is not, then you will take more drastic measures at the prompt of Davek Alert.

Umbrella warning
First of all, Davek is not just a totes with a sensor in it. It is an umbrella made of thin material with a threaded microfiber cover 190, a central central steel column and an aluminum and steel aircraft for ribbing. The idea is to become so flexible and durable, so when you cling to an unexpected thing, your umbrella does not become a bowl of iced cloth on a stick.

So, there it is. But there is, of course, the digital component. Built on the handle is a beacon chip. This is an application, of course, because of course there is an umbrella application and if you reach a distance of more than 30 meters from your umbrella, the alarm goes off. It is powered by a simple coin battery and, fortunately, you can only activate or deactivate the alarm with a tap.

Umbrella, eh? Eh; Eh;
Davek Alert App.
Davek App in action with Davek warning.

While forgetting your umbrella is perhaps a relatively small puberty that only applies until you go out and discover that you are going to get an unintentional shower. Still, the inconvenience of getting drenched must be weighed against the cost of $ 125 for a digital umbrella of the finest materials. Again, if you spend so much in a shirt, one could consider it insurance.

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