Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Smaller, But Not Lesser

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Smaller, But Not Lesser

S10e is specialized as S10 and S10 + but I still have some conversations with your hands or wrists it feels a bit bitter sometimes. At the same time, the huge S10 + is almost amazingly light, but I had to make a case on the S10e before I feel comfortable using it in the inherent shrinking of the phone I can not tell you the number of times I put uncertain S10e on an almost completely flat surface and I looked terrified as she bent over the floor.

And then there is the fingerprint sensor. To reduce costs, Samsung avoided the ultrasonic sensor displayed on the S10 and S10 + in favor of a more traditional sensor positioned high on the right-hand side of the S10e. Considering how seemingly this ultrasonic sensor has been for some people, it is not at all a compromise. Or at least, it will not feel like a compromise if the sensor was not so unstable.

When you can get your finger just right, you can unlock your phone almost instantaneously. From my experience at least, getting your finger on the right spot can be a bit of a headache; Sometimes a little stretching is needed, especially for people with small hands. And that assumes you are using your right hand. I was never able to unlock the phone with my left index on the first try, so I’m a bit worried about how good lefties it will get into this thing. This is not a dealbreaker as one of these low levels of discomfort you have to learn to experience. You can always set face recognition for faster unlocking, but since Samsung has disassembled Iris scanners for the Galaxy S10, it is easily one of the least secure ways to get into the S10e.

In some critical ways, the S10e is not far from the typical high performance S10 type. That was the whole thing. In general, Samsung said it focused on two main areas for each S10 family: monitors and cameras. It’s probably not surprising that these sites are where the S10e stands out much more importantly and the company’s decisions for both have dramatically influenced what it is like to use this phone.

First up, this screen. I will be honest: the 5.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen is noticeably smaller than the S10 and after years of useless use on large phones, the usual use of a panel like this took me longer than I would recognize. You can expect the same kind of learning curve if you are used to bigger screens, but you will feel at home if you are upgrading from a tiny device or if you just prefer the idea of ​​a relative rocking phone.

As usual, however, the screen is beautiful. The S10e uses one of Samsung’s first HDR10 + certification screens and shows that the colors just sing and I never had a problem reading them on the screen under tough sunlight thanks to improved brightness. Just be aware that the maximum resolution is Full HD + (2,280 x 1,080), away from the 3,040 x 1,440 resolution, the maximum S10 and S10 +. This is another basic compromise made by Samsung to help keep the S10e relatively inexpensive, but fortunately, it is easy to live it.

I have used S10e and S10 + extensively last week and, frankly, the difference in overall quality is not very noticeable. It’s definitely there: The S10 + screen is more pixel-dense and so it’s best to show fine detail in the images. In terms of luminance and color, however, the S10e is very close, and there have been some situations where I really prefer how the colors looked at the S10e. (If you were curious, both phone screens were in “lively” color mode, so they should look almost identical.)

The S10e punch-punch screen (sorry, “Infinity O”) screen will probably get a little more accustomed. Between CES and Mobile World Congress, I’ve tested my share on smartphones, and if you worry, do not. Seeing a hole that cuts a screen to let a 10-megapixel camera pass is definitely a bit strange at first, and for at least a moment, you may have a hard time looking at it while watching a full screen video or playing a game . This impulse will be weakened.

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