Pebble Time Upgrades The popular Smartwatch

Pebble Time Upgrades The popular Smartwatch

Apple can have a massive publicity campaign, Dick Tracy may be able to claim the original idea, but undoubtedly it is the Pebble that has made the technology industry wear what it is today. The modest clock, using an electronic paper scheme, was an absolute bulldozer at Kickstarter and has an amazing number of available applications for it. What does Pebble do to keep Apple, Google and who knows who else is away? Upgrading their watch, of course.

A soft Pebble
Part of the reason why Pebble was so smart was that unlike other smartwatch, he is really lonely. you can use it independently of your phone if you want and sync to send alerts and other useful data when you need them.

Pebble time adds more than that. For example, it now has a color screen, which is not questioned by application developers. And it comes with a microphone, although it will not receive calls, it will simply allow you to dictate fast responses to texts, emails, and the like. One thing that remains intact? The 7 day battery life that made the little guy so dear in the first place and not only will continue to fit into any watch band, releases 3D print data to make yours.

Pebbles in the wind

Probably the best feature is a smart layout with three buttons. The pebbles are called “past, present and future”, where the past has access to your alerts, the present is the time and the future is your upcoming notifications. All in all, it’s a smart plan and we’ll be very curious to see how it comes along. At present, however, it is $ 180 from the already absurdly successful Kickstarter, with delivery date May

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