OnePlus 6T Review: Trivial Changes Hamper A Great Phone

OnePlus 6T Review: Trivial Changes Hamper A Great Phone

Designed, both OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 are clearly relevant devices. In addition to the different color options, both models feature a similar frame and glass back to give an impressive feel with good grip – especially in matt versions.

However, the 6T has a cleaner look. The fingerprint reader has been replaced by a sensor on the screen while the slit has been reformed to cool, as I already mentioned. And what happened with the headphone jack?

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told me that his team could not find a headphone jack because of the bigger battery and the fingerprint reader. While I do not mind using the Bluetooth boxes with my phone, there have been cases I wanted to quickly connect other headphones just to realize I left the USB-C adapter in my home. The disappearance of the handset by smartphones continues, but still relaxes from a brand-branded brand, especially one with the slogan “never quit”. I do not buy the excuse of Lau. If Vivo could keep the headphone jack on the dual-screen phone with a built-in fingerprint reader and a reasonable battery of 3,500mAh (just 200mAh shy 6T) then why not OnePlus?

OnePlus 6T

When it comes to notches, the world of smartphones has reached a new level of minimalism. Along with the design of the holes, you can even go to all the screens if you do not mind going to a pop-up front camera. In the case of 6T, however, he has gone for corn – and I’m still a sucker for it. It just seems more natural than hitting a hole at the corner of the screen.

This dewdrop is also a huge visual improvement over the larger OnePlus 6 slit and so far I have found no compromise on the user experience – the new proximity sensor and handset are working well. Both the body and the AMOLED 1080p screen are actually slightly farther – it was not clear until I put the two phones side by side. Similarly, the negligible impact on weight and thickness was not very noticeable, which is an advantage given the beneficial gain of the largest battery of 3.700mAh – 400mAh or 12% achieved with 6.

The battery takes about 13 hours, depending on how submerged I get to Pok√©mon Go and Facebook. When exhausted, the combined 20 W fast charger takes you from zero to 50 percent in about half an hour and does it without heating the phone. There is not yet any wireless charge here, but given the impressive cable charging speed, I’m fine with it.

OnePlus 6T

As for the AMOLED screen, you can get the usual vivid colors that may or may not match your taste, although there is a DCI-P3 setting for a more natural picture – that’s what I’m using. The peach slit here is accomplished by reconfiguring the proximity sensor of the phone and reassembling the handset in a slot along the top edge, leaving only the front camera in the middle. This is in fact a common agreement between Chinese flagship phones and phone calls sound very well. In a relative note, the speaker with a lower limit is actually a bit stronger than the 6 speaker, and although we are still stuck with a mono speaker, it sounds great … for what it is.

If I want to push the nerve, I wish 6T to fill up with stronger vibrations (and yes, I’ve already set it in the most powerful environment). I did not have this problem when I used my six naked but from the moment I switched to 6T – and slapped in the official sachet with a nylon bumper – I missed the phone calls and ended up apologizing for my husband. Of course, I could relax the case or get used to a smartwatch, but I’d prefer to upgrade the tactile vibration for flexibility and I’m sure for many of you.

The OnePlus 6T shares the same computer specifications with its predecessor (a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage), so it’s no surprise that OxygenOS is based on Android Pie running like a good fat engine here. I can quickly change applications while enjoying smooth scrolling across the system and I have not yet encountered crashes or restarts.

OnePlus 6T

We will not get you back on how OnePlus rarely leaves me under the software side, especially in performance planning and UI.

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