NuDock Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch With Style

NuDock Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch With Style

While Apple has gone wireless, it still means you have one more charger to add to the ever-increasing stack charger. The NuDock desk lamp, however, not only eliminates clutter, but also allows you to place an extra battery in your pocket and use your iPhone while you charge it.

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NuDock has a really simple design. Your iPhone and the portable battery the device is accompanied by a plug in one part of the lamp. The iPhone port is case-friendly, so you will not have to break your phone from your favorite case or disconnect anything to charge your phone. Even better is easy access, for example, to the audio jack if you want to connect something to your phone.

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Next to this is the watch charger. Simply place your watch on the base and the wireless installation will do the rest. Throughout the layout there is an LED to light up a little in the winter, accompanied by a dimmer function and a sleep function, all powered by a USB charger. Oh, and looks good. This is important.

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Yes, $ 150 may look like a piece for a traffic light, but look for a moment, how many chargers are in your home at all times. How many cables have you released? How many wall wits are hidden inside your drawer? The exemption of all of this is worth every price if you ask me and the design is elegant and smart enough to look good while you are charging. And what else can you ask for?

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