Need to Install a LightHouse AI Security Camera? Look No Further than Puls

Need to Install a LightHouse AI Security Camera? Look No Further than Puls

As long as I like a great security camera to keep track of things, it’s never as simple as buying one and linking it.

What am I talking about? Installation. It’s the awful barrier that probably prevents a good piece of people from investing today in familiar cheap security systems and security cameras on the mark today. Especially if they do not work with batteries like Arlo or Arlo Go.

What is the solution? A professional installer. But then there is the unpredictable impact on the cost.

This is why LightHouse – the camera called CNBC “the smartest home camera” – has worked with Puls Technologies today.

“Working with the team in our lighthouse now gives us the opportunity to make home security systems more feasible than ever for our customers,” said Eyal Ronen, CEO and co-founder of Puls. “We are experiencing the emergence of smart home consolidations that help customers stay connected with their home and loved ones when they are away, bringing peace and ease to the minds of families. We are particularly excited about the new innovative features that Lighthouse brings to the home security market. ”

The Puls is a fast response platform for smart devices, offering devices like the LightHouse camera within an hour of ordering. Impressive if you ask me.

In addition, Puls takes advantage of its own unique AI for fast and convenient delivery of high-quality techniques to users, which ensures that all new smart home products are configured correctly for the best user experience.

And beyond installation, they will give you a complete collapse, demo, and make sure things are optimized to work properly.

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