Feel Safe At Home With Cannon Security’s Digital Door Viewer

Feel Safe At Home With Cannon Security’s Digital Door Viewer

Nothing strikes the feeling that you are safe at home, no matter what. Now you can distinguish discreetly who is on your door, having the ability to program the device to take pictures or videos from anyone coming to your door only if something fisher is happening. But not only is it great for homeowners, but it’s also great for businesses and tenants, since you never know who will hit your door one day.

Traditional headers provide only a limited glimpse of who is at the door, your device offers a panoramic wide-angle view of up to 165 degrees. It features a .3 megapixel camera with photo and video capabilities and a motion detector that can be programmed to automatically capture photos or capture video when it detects any movement on your door. The photos are then placed in a folder containing the date and time of download and storage on a Micro SD card (up to 32GB).

But that’s not all that can work as a bell by tapping the ring button at the bottom of the camera. To see who is on the door, it’s a 2.25 “LCD that clearly shows anyone and can be programmed with the current date and time. Its placement is easy and fits into doors that are between 1.37 inches 4.13 The Door Viewer features a silver finish and features a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged with a charger and a low battery LED that lets users know when to recharge, earning one for $ 279.99.

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