Dart: Autofill and Customize Emails on the iWatch

Dart: Autofill and Customize Emails on the iWatch

If you are struggling to respond correctly to emails, you may need a solution like Dart. If you are planning to receive emails through a smartwatch or other tiny mobile device in the future, then you may really need the Dart.

This app lets you create a set of different default emails and use them to quickly reply to the emails you receive. In fact, it’s a little more complicated than it is. Dart basically helps you to encode different events and possible answers so you can create emails that effectively communicate with your point and get something instead of sending filler content or automated offline responses.

Emoticons with darts

Dart integrates with your address book, Gmail, iCloud, and other mail applications to retrieve information from multiple sources. Creates its own small section on your menu bar (where feasible) so you can choose drop-down options for specific things or places – or, of course, emojis. There is also a dictation option that allows you to dictate short messages of up to 200 words if you want something very specific.

Think of it as the Twitterization of email, especially for people who still need to do a lot of mail-to-mail communication instead of using something like Twitter or instant messaging. It is also convenient for professionals who want to answer customers as politely as they are, but they do not have time to make a whole email on their phones.

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Unfortunately, if you do not have Apple products, you may be lucky … at least for now. Dart is only available for Apple’s operating systems, although the company hopes to bring functionality to other major platforms in the coming year. From the brightest side, Apple’s functionality is very full and you can expect the Dart to work well enough even on Apple Watch if you’re willing to pay the app $ 1.99 cost.

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