Chronos Wearable Converts Any Watch into a Smart Watch

Chronos Wearable Converts Any Watch into a Smart Watch

Smart Watches. It’s cool, but generally unnecessary when you think that many of today’s smartphones can do the same and maybe even more. But there is no discussion about their cool factor. touch screen, call alerts, Dick Tracy phone calls and more. But if you are like me, you prefer the old school look at the new school, which is either Apple Watch or Android Wear.

Enter the Chronos. Time is connected to the back of your watch. And almost any clock. Well, it is true that 80% of watches, at least according to Time.

Usually wise seems to do all the things you expected from today’s smart clocks. This includes physical status, call alert, gesture and even a Chronos app. In addition, you can incorporate Chronos into your favorite fitness app. There is also tactile feedback and LED alerts.

Now, if you are like me, the first thing you think or the first thing is the size and life of the battery. With a moderate thickness of 3 mm (and 33 mm in diameter) it should not be very noticeable, at least not after the acclimated wrist. But that remains to be seen, and to be honest, I’m not sure that another 3 thousand will feel or feel on my wrist. As far as battery life is concerned, Chronos requires 36 hours. What a good way to say that you should charge it every night, even if you are using the wireless charge platform.

Chronos Wearable Watch
Chronos Wearable Watch, which you see here with the LED that lights up.

The ability to connect to your smartphone is available via Bluetooth 4.0. It will work to keep battery consumption down, although it is obvious that the more you use the Chronos, the more juice you will consume. In other words, this 36-hour battery life will be significantly reduced.

Keeping Chronos on your watch does not require special glue, as the company says they have used some sort of “micro-suction” technology. Paint a little bit skeptical about its effectiveness. But again, the back of a clock is a fairly flat piece of flat metal, except for any footprint from the construction.

Well some things:

Chronos is getting ready and starts $ 99.
They have an iOS application that lets you specify whether you are tracking that it is appropriate / matched. You can get it here.
It seems that Time decided not to go on the Kickstarter / Indiegogo route. For those who were born, I have examined their founder, Mark, who seems quite legitimate. So you can get some comfort there.

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